Rebecca Newton

Rebecca leads public policy, community, safety, moderation and customer services efforts at Mind Candy Inc. Prior to joining Mind Candy in 2007, Rebecca worked at Sulake.com (Habbo Hotels – the world’s largest teen virtual world/gaming site) as Moderation Manager, Safety Officer and Director of Community where she oversaw community, moderation and online safety efforts in 24 countries.

After 16 years in Survey, Statistics and Computer Application and Design at RTI International in N.C., Rebecca began her online community career with America Online in 1994. At AOL she was the Program Manager: Recruitment, Orientation and Education for AOL’s Community Leader Program.

Rebecca has been widely published including Teen Magazine, Yahoo! News, and Money Magazine and ENISA’s guidance document “Children on Virtual Worlds: What Parents Should Know”. Ms. Newton speaks regularly on Internet Safety, Web 2.0 and Online Community/Social Networking (EU ENISA Awareness Conference, GDCs, FOSI Conferences, US Members of Congress, SXSWi, the NFL.com Business Summit, to name a few). She co-founded VirComm, a yearly conference for online community professionals, based in London.

Rebecca served as Safety Advisor to Crisp®, where she shared her industry expertise and best practice policies and she serves on the UKCCIS and the ‘Young People and Technology’ APPG Parliamentary group. She also serves on the FOSI board of directors and an Advisory Board member to AgeCheq.

Rebecca has managed a 15+ year old listserv, e-mint.org.uk, an international group for online community professionals. She served as the Chair for Girls Rock NC.org , a tween to teen organization that encourages girls 7-17 to be confident, creative members of their communities.

Specialties: online community, social networking, public policy, customer service, online safety, moderation, COPPA,  HR, product development, company evangelism, marketing and media.

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