Giving Thanks for Constant Change

This is the one time of the year I am truly grateful to be an American. Well, now with a new President, I think I’ll be able to feel good about being American again. It’s been 8 years or so since I’ve been out of the US closet!

Thanksgiving is a somewhat dubious holiday, in retrospect. It’s not exactly PC and probably hasn’t been since about 1650 or so. Regardless, we still celebrate it and I’ve come to terms with it and found a way to enjoy and celebrate Thanksgiving without feeling apologetic or full of resentment. (My great grandmother was a Miwok Indian so I officially get to be miffed about the goings on in American history)

This year, I am thankful for a new political administration and leader. Especially Barak Obama. I am thankful that the American people stood up and got smart this time. I’m thankful his family stood by him and supported him because he is the person we need at this time, more than any other time in history. This isn’t to belittle John McCain. Except for the blip of bringing on Palin as his running mate, he’s a fine man with a good brain (usually). But it’s significant that Barak Obama was elected at this time and things are sure as hell going to change in a major way. And I’m waving the CHANGE flag with the rest of the liberals!

I’m equally thankful for the privilege I have of working in an amazing industry – web 2.0/social networking. It’s phenomenal how far we’ve come since the late 80s, when I first tested a program called ‘iphone.’ A far cry from the current Apple iPhone, that’s for sure.

Today at, the community team was collaborating on some upcoming content projects for the community. Jey, our resident game design genius, put together a form using Google Docs that allows us to process data in a highly organised fashion, live, in real-time. I sat there thinking to myself – 10 years ago, this would have taken me hours and hours to build on AOL using Rainman and getting someone to hack a plug in just to get something bare bones.

I recalled the first digital video slideshow I put together in 1997 and how it took me nearly 40 hours to do it on my old Mac desktop. I was so pleased that it only took 40 hours! Today, 10 year old Moshi Monster community members send us videos they’ve uploaded to YouTube and it takes them about 10 minutes start to finish to create these artistic masterpieces.

We’ve been working with the TATE Kids online the past few weeks and again, just seeing what tools we have available and how savvy young people are when using these tools (not to mention the widespread, affordable availability of the programs) – it’s just mindblowing for us old folk.

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. Things are changing fast in the world. It’s really fantastic – it’s like being in some sort of technological marathon. Keep it coming, that’s what I say! MOVE ON, ROLL ON, KEEP ON making it happen.

MoshiMonsters is closing in on 1 million registered users. It took only 7 months to see that kind of growth, with basically no marketing since last November. This is what the web does – it connects us all as quick as a wink and makes us one big unit of webfolk. That’s an astounding thought. In my lifetime, we’ll all be able to connect – all of us in every corner of the world – if we choose to.

I’m thankful for those who came before us and contributed to the momentum that inspired and built the world wide web. There has never been a moment like this up to now. How lucky are we to be here, right now, where things are moving forward and improving every day.

I count myself among the luckiest.

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