Summer 2009 Update – really brief

I’m at as Head of Safety.
I just got back from a really great week in London where I attended the CEOPs session (amazing!), FOSI sessions (round table) and ENISA Awareness Conferences (presented). Met some fabulous people. The connections have been really good during the past 2 months. More on that later.

Probably best to find me at or watch as we’re going to start blogging soon and I’d rather blog once than twice :)
Don’t forget to follow us at Twitter (CrispThinking). is gearing up for July sessions. 90 girls this year!!! It’s amazing. Be sure to check out the rockin’ show at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro/Chapel Hill July 18th, Saturday night.

Life is very good. Hope your life is good too. Stay safe and carry a big flash drive.

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