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Podcast: You Don’t Just Go Global – Community Signal – Listen Now

Community management is not new. I know of several professionals who have been in this space for 20 years or more – including today’s guest, Rebecca Newton.

Rebecca has been responsible for community, moderation and safety at some of the largest kid-friendly online communities in the world. At AOL, she managed a volunteer program that numbered 16,000. At Sulake, Rebecca helped expand Habbo into 24 countries. At Mind Candy, she led a community of more than 100 million Moshi Monsters fans.

We talked about her experiences scaling moderation systems and navigating the legal hurdles tied to expanding globally, plus:

  • How the e-mint listserv started
  • The filtering vendors that Rebecca relies on to keep communities safe
  • What brought about the end of the AOL Community Leader program

About Rebecca Newton

Online Community and Safety professional, musician, I love dogs and kids...and most adults.

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